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Originating from Pondichery, India, Ganesh started in the music industry in 1994, when he performs with several bands, playing from Funk to Hardcore (Blue Vibes, Fuzz 2 Fly, Bed Hunters, D-Fé) and finally settles down at the Abracadabar, Paris, early 2000.

That's when Ganesh becomes DJ Ganesh from Paris and makes the Parisians discover the new sounds of India by mixing them to the current dancefloor tunes.

Being able to go from Lounge to House, from RnB to Hip-Hop, from Breakbeat to Drum'n'Bass, from Top 40 hits to Jungle or from Bollywood to Bhangra, he gives to all kinds of sounds a Curry spice and spins vinyls like cheese nans!

Nothing is left aside: dressed up in his indian outfit, he delivers an indian sound all the way through his sets, giving them the feeling of a long journey puntuated with various performances, be it vocal (MC in Tamil - South Indian language) or instrumental (bansouri flute).

The great talent of this DJ / producer has met his audience in Paris, but also abroad. From Spicy Lounge to Heavy Drum'n'Bass, from intimate venues to crowded festival, Ganesh the Elephant God can play anything with always this soft touch of Indian vibes in his electro grooves.

His unmatched creativity and love to detail have earned him prime slots in the best events on earth, be it front of massive crowds like for the Bombaysers Lille 3000 festival, when he played in front of 130,000 crazy ravers or in his many events from San Diego to Barcelona to Johannesburg! He also received the Toshiba New Electro Creators award from Bob Sinclar himself, was interviewed live on the BBC Scotland and BBC UK and on the national Albanian TV for 10 million viewers! DJ Ganesh from Paris can do everything, and will surely show his professionalism in all situations.